Getting started
Getting started on Emotomy using walk-throughs of some of the sites basic functionality in this training guide.
Building Custom Portfolios
Create portfolios by selecting individual securities by percentage or dollar amount, or uploading the details of a portfolio with a spreadsheet.
Creating Custom Portfolios
Use this steps to create custom portfolios for your clients and link a brokerage account.
Getting started
See how to build and save a portfolio in the manner most suitable for your circumstances.
Portfolio Analyzer
Build a portfolio using Portfolio Analyzer, an iterative visual tool created by Emotomy.
Investment risk questionnaire
Build your custom investment portfolio using your advisor's risk questionnaire.
Personal goals
Build an investment portfolio based on your personal circumstances and objectives.
Ticker symbols
Build your custom investment portfolio using a mix of ticker symbols and building-block strategies, as well as your own risk management approach.
Upload a spreadsheet
Review and compare the performance history of a personal investment account or a strategy for which you have historical data. Upload the daily or monthly historical data using a spreadsheet, and Emotomy will compute the track record for you.
Generating Performance Reports
Use Emotomy's tools to review performance analysis or to receive an
Compare Performance
Compare performance of building blocks, securities custom portfolios and benchmarks.
Understanding portfolio risk-return scores
Understand what a risk score means (it is actually a risk-versus-return score) and how it relates to the efficient frontier at your advisor.
Upload your brokerage accounts
Upload one or several of your brokerage accounts — or the results of your accounts that are managed for you by asset managers — to view their individual and composite time-weighted performance reports that automatically account for cash movements in and out of your accounts. You can compare your accounts' performance history to any other security, or combine your accounts with other securities or investment portfolios to see the resulting performance.
Advisor accounts
View the key functionalities of an Emotomy account when you register as a financial advisor.
Axos Financial Inc
Create and manage your client accounts at Axos Financial Inc on Emotomy. Emotomy is an official API development partner of Axos Financial Inc's. Our API technology seamlessly integrates the functionalities of the Axos Financial Inc Liberty platform with those of Emotomy, offering financial advisors the ability to manage their investment business entirely online.